The Tough Love Series Part 1 Half Empty Lamps Episode 230

Thanks for tuning in to this powerful series called “Tough Love”. These podcasts will be touching on tough and yet important subjects that we must take notice of as Christians (especially me). This year has been an eye opener for many and yet for some of us including me it’s been a valuable reminder to why we need to be prepared. The days of procrastinating are over; we are supposed to be Mighty Men and Woman of Valor. Just like Gideon when he was called out to be the leader God called Him to be. My prayer is that this episode will cause you to look inside yourself and see where possibly some changes can be made so you can position yourself to where God can use you as a Mighty vessel, right now, today. What you need to realize is we need you….yes you, someone in the world needs you right now, the calling that you have on your life, you know the one…. It’s time Brothers and Sisters, it’s time, the world needs Jesus. God Bless, Love to You All, and thanks for Listening/ Watching. Let’s Not Wait Until the Last Minute Any Longer Let’s Get Trained Up, Prayed Up And Ready!!

MP3 Version For Your Convenience:

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