Episode 169

The Grief Experience Series Part 2

(Originally Aired in 2019)

 Continuing on with this short 3 part series I will be sharing some great advice from resources that I have received for the grieving process. In this podcast, I will be sharing an email that I received from Griefshare.org in their daily email subscription where they send out an email message each day of the year. A great way to start your day, by being encouraged with heartfelt messages about the grieving process. I will also be sharing a short message about encouragement that I will be reading from a great book by Worthy Inspired – called Living the Proverbs Day by Day.

 My prayer for You and Me is that these podcasts will help spark something in you to help you with the process of grieving a loved one. I can honestly say it is helping me as well as your comments and advice. This journey doesn’t end overnight and with some, it lasts years, because we all grieve differently. As long as we go through it and don’t stop in the middle of it and never move forward. God Bless You all thanks for watching and listening and please leave some comments and share with others who may be going through the same thing. God Bless You and Yours! Love You All!

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