The U-Turn of a Lifetime

          We all have one time or another headed down the wrong road in life. Unfortunately, when we do we are faced with issues, problems, distractions and so many other things that cause us grief. That’s where we face life’s crossroads and have to make a decision. Today I want to encourage you in a direction that will help bring guidance to your life. If we lay all our burdens at His feet, as well as pray and ask for guidance; the Lord will help us through the Holy Spirit. I want to remind you that if you have asked Jesus Christ into your life you my friend are not alone. You may be going through something and you feel like you will not get through it but I have great news.

          God has a U-turn for you. You might be heading down the wrong path but He will help you turn and head in the right direction you just have to trust and have faith.

A good example of a God Turn would be the story Jesus told about the Prodigal Son. (Please take the time to go to Luke 15:11-32 to refresh your memory on this amazing story.)Even though this story has great meanings, I want to refer to the fact that the son was heading in the wrong direction but he came to his senses and swallowed his pride, realized the error of his ways, and made a God Turn which brought him back to his family, where he was fully restored.

          There comes a time for all of us when we may have to swallow our pride and take that turn and make amends or even just turn from the wrong path and get on course with the plan the Lord has for us.

          My prayer today is that this message will be encouraging to you and help you with the plan the Lord has for your life. If you have made some poor choices or just heading in the wrong direction and you need prayer for a God Turn to take place in your life, let us know by commenting below and we will pray for guidance for your life and for God’s plan to be revealed to you as well as healing and restoration in your life. Be encouraged my dear Friends, God Bless You and Yours, Love You All!!

Copyright©2018 Stephen Lewis

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