First, I want you to take a deep breath and read the title again. Now before you get offended, I want you to realize what I am saying. Sometimes in order to get people’s attention you have to grab them in a way that will make them think.

          Many of us have been in situations where we ask God for help when times are rough and yet when things are going great, we don’t even bother with Him. A perfect example is on 9/11 before this terrible tragedy in New York, one church went from a normal attendance of 2,800 and ballooned to 5,400 after 911 due to the attack and fear setting in, but these numbers declined a few weeks after to the original attendance. I know some of you are probably thinking that it’s not all about church attendance and you are right. But what it is about is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

          Think about it, how would you feel if the only time you heard from people was when they wanted something from you? As some of you were reading that last sentence you were nodding yes because you have people like this in your life. It’s not fair, is it? In fact, some of you have ended friendships with people who treat you like this.

          It’s an awful feeling to be used and taken advantage of this way. So why do we do it to our heavenly Father? Brothers and Sisters, we are missing out on an amazing relationship if all we do is ask God for things when our lives get crazy and then ignore Him when things are going great. He wants to hear from us every day, in good times and in bad. He wants to be a part of our lives and have a relationship with us. Just like He did with Adam and Eve in the garden before they sinned.

          My prayer today is that you will take time to pray and focus on your relationship with the Lord. That you will take time daily to not only get in His Word but also spend time quietly in His presence. I just want to encourage you in love to not let another day go by without taking the time to spend with God.

          Lastly please remember when the day of Judgement comes, and we are standing before Him we don’t want to hear the words:

Matthew 7:23 And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me…….

          With that being said My Friends, I hope you will be encouraged, be blessed, and focus on your relationship with Jesus, He wants to be a part of your daily life, not just when you need something. God Bless You and Yours, Love You All!

Copyright © Stephen Lewis 2021

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