After recently preaching an important message recently at a local church I wanted to make sure I also shared the message with you all. With so much going on this year we truly need to focus on foundational passages of scripture to help us through each day. In the Bible there are numerous verses to focus on but in this Episode I pick a few that rank very high on the list. My prayer today is that you take some if not all of what I have to say to heart and focus on God’s Word. I encourage you to get a little notebook and write down important verses that pertain to your life and the calling God has for you. Then step out and be the Mighty Man or Woman that God called you to be, the world needs to see Jesus..   *BIBLE GIVE AWAY ONCE WE REACH EPISODE 100!! So if you live in the Lower 48 States of the U.S. we will be doing a drawing to give away a New Living Translation Red Letter Bible to a lucky winner. All you have to do is comment on Episode 100 when it Airs in 2 weeks and your name will be entered in the drawing.   Interested in more shows? Search for Relevance For Today with Stephen Lewis on any of the following: Subscribe or Follow: Libsyn, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Blogger, Google Play, Downloadable Podcast Apps, YouTube, Twitter (thelewis8), Instagram, Facebook (Stephen Lewis)

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