Satan’s Tactics are working Beware and Be Aware! Part 1

          This short series is another wake-up call for all of us. Due to all the turmoil in the world over the past few weeks, I have not been writing because I wanted to make sure my heart was pure and not influenced by my personal feelings so that what I write would be Spirit-led and not Stephen Lewis led. As I was listening to some sermons and painting yesterday the words started coming to me which I know were from the Holy Spirit, I hope this short series will help you stay focused in your walk as it has me.

John 10:10 states: 10 The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. But Jesus continues this sentence with: My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.

The thief being Satan has come to:

STEAL our joy, our destiny, our relationships, our confidence in Christ, our strength, our hope in Jesus Christ, our future.

KILL our hope, our faith, our dreams, our goals, and our lives.

DESTROY our unity, our message about Jesus, our Churches, and our purpose.

And the list could go on as I am sure you have something you could add to it. But here is what Jesus said which overrides Satan’s plans on this earth when you look to Jesus Christ for salvation.

Jesus’ purpose is to give us:

RICH LIFE, A life of Love, Hope, Spiritual Peace, Comfort, Life everlasting after we leave this world, Hope, Joy

SATISFYING LIFE, A Life filled with a confidence in knowing who we are as a follower of Jesus Christ, a life of His provision, His comfort through the Holy Spirit, A Life of Spiritual Council no matter what comes our way, A Life once again everlasting knowing when our days on this earth are over that we will live for eternity in Paradise with the Lord.

In closing I want to say this, life is not going to be easy, but Because of Jesus Christ and what He did for you and me, when we turn away from our old life and follow Him things get a whole lot easier especially with the Holy Spirit dwelling with in us. So be aware of what a life with Jesus Christ has to offer. There is so much more to Christ if you give Him a chance. Love You All God Bless You and Yours, stay tuned for part 2.

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