Relevance For Today is a Ministry that you will be able to enjoy Written Posts, Videos and Audio podcasts that have Relevant Topics to reach both unbelievers who are thinking about coming to Christ as well as Followers of Jesus Christ. We are living in a hurting World and there is so much work to be done, there are many with no Savior, Hope, Food, Water, Love, Guidance, Companionship, Friendship, Family, and the list goes on and on. One of the important goals is to strengthen, encourage, inspire, and equip Followers of Jesus Christ so they will rise up and be who God called them to be. Its time to step up and step out and be a Light in our Neighborhood, Towns, Cities, States and Countries.

Topics will include: the Bible, how to live Christ-Like, Ministry, Bible Studies, Relationships, Family, Interviews, Life Situations, Group Discussions and more.

The Ministry Website is up and running:

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