New Years List


As we cheer on a New Year, I want to write this.

Stop breaking those promises, you write on your list.

The dreaded resolutions we make every year.

In hopes that we all get our bodies in gear.

In gear to lose weight, read more, and waste time less.

With the ultimate goal of being our best.

The best we can be in our eyes and not yours.

To focus on improving myself on this course.

The course of living this life as a Christian.

Is definitely what I will call my life’s mission.

The mission of walking in the footsteps of the King.

So, each day I wake, what joy will it bring.

Yes, sure their big footsteps, but Christ came to save.

He hung on the cross yet rose from the grave.

So lastly please write this one thing on your list.

Give your full life to Jesus, there’s one chance, don’t miss.

© Copyright 2022 Stephen Lewis

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