Relevance For Today Episode 149 Kingdom Preparation Part 5

Which Bible Is Right For Me?

Hey, folks thanks for tuning into another episode of the kingdom culture this time we’re doing Kingdom Preparation Episode 5. Please keep in mind you do not have to watch these episodes in order except for number Kingdom preparation #2 &#3. So in this episode, we’re going to be discussing which Bible is right for you and me. Some people prefer certain Translations and that’s fine too that’s their preference, the focus is on getting in God‘s word. I’m sure you’ve heard it said just like I have that the actual best translation is the one that you can actually read and understand the most. That one that you’re going to want to pick up each day and curl up with a blanket and sit down and just dig into God‘s word and learn. At the same time the more you learn the more hungry you might get to read other translations which may take you even deeper into God’s word. It’s an exciting Journey Folks! So I’m going to be sharing out of my rose book of bible charts maps and timelines. Because in it there’s a wealth of information and there’s a nice chart with the most popular Bible Translations in it. With that being said I look forward to hearing from you I am having a discussion with you about different Bible translations. God bless love to you ALL and thanks as always for tuning in.

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