Relevance For Today Episode 183 How To Pray for Ukraine

Thank you all for tuning into this important episode. As I was sitting down praying and preparing my show notes for some upcoming episodes, the decision to either post some teachings from the Bible or dedicate this weekend’s shows to the people of Ukraine the end result of that time of prayer was of course to focus on prayer for Ukraine. So, in this episode, I will be posting some prayer suggestions for the Ukrainians as they are facing this horrific war with Russia. My personal prayer is that you will join in with many around the world in prayer and that you may even find this episode helpful in your prayer time. Also, if you would like me to email you a typed copy of this episode please let me know in the comments section or connect with me on Messenger, FB or IG and send me a message. (Instagram @relevancefortoday) (Facebook Stephen Lewis Public Figure). Blessings and Love To You All!

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