Your Gifts Are Falling In Between The Cushions!

The Holy Spirit put someone on my heart this morning that needed encouragement. As I was putting the thoughts together, I realized that this encouragement would also benefit some other folks as well.

As the title reads, Get Off the Spiritual Couch, Your Gifts are falling in between the cushions! Remember those days, especially as children when you were looking for some extra money? Where is one of the best places to start digging for treasure? The Couch! Of course, as I write that, some of you also realize there are also hairs, trash, crumbs, and bobby pins. But at the same time, there’s treasure! Money, lots of coins and a few dollar bills. “What does that have to do with anything Stephen?”

Some of you are sitting on your Gifts, your callings, your assignments that God has given you. You are sitting on your Spiritual Couch, a place that you are comfortable in where your gifts are just sitting dormant. The longer we sit comfortably the easier it is for our assignments to just sit and slowly slip out of reach. I am pointing first at myself on this so please don’t think I am just pointing fingers. At the same time, I am seriously trying to stir you up in a loving way.

Some of you are sitting on Books. Songs, Sermons, Teaching Material, Forgiveness, Words of Affirmation and so many more things…

I want you to realize that God doesn’t change His mind when He gives you an assignment.

If He gave you a book, Get it Done….

If He gave you a worship Song, Finish It.

If you know you are supposed to forgive someone, Do It.

If you are supposed to be encouraging others Get To It.

You get the point. It’s time to step up and dig those assignments out of the Spiritual Couch Cushions.

I have said this before and I will say it again, Someone is waiting on what God has assigned you to do. No more excuses Brothers and Sisters, the world seems to be falling apart all around us.

Get Off The Spiritual Couch! Your Gifts Are Falling In Between The Cushions!

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